Who is Liam Costner? Biography, Early Life, Age, Personal Life, Family, Career, Net Worth & More Details

Liam Costner, son of the legendary actor Kevin Costner, has forged his own unique journey in the realm of real estate, despite the daunting presence of his celebrity father. With charm and determination, this young man has risen to prominence as a thriving real estate agent, all while gracefully navigating the intricacies of being part of a well-known family.

Who is Liam Costner?

Liam Costner at 26 finds himself straddling the worlds of Hollywood royalty and billionaire elite. His father, the iconic actor Kevin Costner ensured Liam was born into a life of privilege but it didn’t stop there. Despite his parents’ divorce Liam found himself embraced by another powerful figure: his stepfather William Koch a titan in American business circles.

The age gap between Liam’s mother and stepfather might raise eyebrows but their enduring marriage speaks volumes about their connection. Liam for his part has managed to navigate the complexities of his blended family with grace choosing to keep certain aspects of his life shielded from the public eye.

In a world where celebrity offspring often find themselves thrust into the spotlight Liam has opted for a more private existence carving out a space where he can define himself on his own terms. While his lineage undoubtedly opens doors Liam seems intent on forging his own path away from the glare of fame a decision that only adds to the intrigue surrounding this enigmatic scion of two influential families.

Liam Costner Biography

Born on November 15 1996 in the heart of the United States Liam Timothy Costner didn’t let the hefty legacy of his father Hollywood legend Kevin Costner cast too long a shadow over his own path. While his dad’s known for iconic roles in movies like “Dances with Wolves and “The Bodyguard Liam’s carved out his own niche in the real estate world a universe quite apart from Tinseltown.

Despite the glitz and glam that come with being a Costner Liam’s passion lies in something more grounded sports. Back in school you’d often find him on the baseball diamond or the football field giving his all for the team. And growing up in a bustling household with seven half-siblings surely kept things lively.

But for Liam the allure of the real estate market was too strong to ignore. He’s made a name for himself there away from the bright lights of Hollywood proving that sometimes the best stories aren’t told on the silver screen.

Liam Costner Early Life

Liam Costner came into this world on a sunny November 15th 1996 right in the heart of Los Angeles California. His parents Well they weren’t your average folks. Kevin Costner the iconic actor and his former partner Bridget Rooney welcomed him into their lives.

Liam had a first line pass to the fabulousness and marvelousness of Hollywood while experiencing childhood in the City of Heavenly messengers. You could say he was naturally introduced to the spotlight having grown up with an in dad films and a mother who bursted her own way.

But despite the fancy pedigree Liam’s childhood was surprisingly down-to-earth. His parents made sure he had a taste of normalcy sending him off to private schools around LA. And while his last name might have turned a few heads Liam was just like any other kid on the block chasing after baseballs and tossing around a football with his pals.

It’s not surprising that athletics took center stage in his life. Liam was always involved in everything, from Friday night lights to small league games, driven by a family history of competitiveness and a passion for the game.


Full NameLiam Timothy Costner
BirthdateNovember 15, 1996
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California, United States
ParentsFather: Kevin Costner, Mother: Bridget Rooney
StepfatherWilliam Koch
SiblingsLily Costner, Annie Costner, Joe Costner, and four other half-siblings
EducationUniversity degree attained, specific institution and field of study not disclosed
Age26 years old (as of 2023)
CareerThriving real estate agent, notably within the Frankel Bell Group
LocationFocus on North Palm Beach County
Net WorthEstimated at $800 million in 2024, with a significant legacy from Kevin Costner
RelationshipSingle, focusing on career and personal growth
ChildrenNone at the moment, private about family plans

Liam Costner Age

In 2023, Liam Costner hit the sweet spot of 26, straddling that line between millennial and Gen Z, a product of the late 90s. He’s part of the crew that practically breathed in social media and tech from the get-go.

With his age on his side, Liam’s got this golden ticket to easily vibe with the younger crowd in his real estate gig. It’s like he speaks their language without even trying, making connections smoother than silk.

Liam Costner Education

Liam’s journey through school reaches its peak as he earns his university degree, a testament to his unwavering commitment to learning throughout life. While we don’t yet know the specific school he attended or the subject he delved into, what shines through is his deep dedication to both his academic and personal growth.

Liam Costner Personal life

There was quite a buzz going around about Liam Costner’s paternity, prompting Kevin Costner to request a paternity test. Luckily, things ended on a positive note, with Kevin openly acknowledging Liam as his son and ensuring he was looked after properly.

Liam Costner Family

Liam Costner grew up in a family with quite the pedigree. His father? None other than Kevin Costner, the Hollywood icon celebrated for his roles in timeless films like “Dances with Wolves and The Bodyguard. Liam’s mother Bridget Rooney also had her own stint in the limelight appearing in movies like the short film “Zombie or Not Zombie.

Despite the brevity of Kevin and Bridget’s relationship their influence on Liam was profound. When Liam came into the world there were some uncertainties surrounding his paternity prompting Kevin to request a test to confirm. Once paternity was established Kevin took proactive steps to ensure Liam’s well-being by setting up a trust fund cementing their bond and providing security for Liam’s future.

Liam Costner Sibling

Liam shares a special bond with his half-siblings who are part of Kevin Costner’s big family. Kevin has been married three times and has seven kids altogether. Among Liam’s half-siblings is Lily Costner who’s quite famous as a singer-songwriter. Annie Kevin’s eldest daughter decided to pursue acting just like her dad. And then there’s Joe Costner who’s known for his talents both in music and acting.

Liam Costner Career

He’s always been determined to carve out his own path. Unlike his famous father, he decided to dive into the world of real estate. It’s a reflection of his personal aspirations, ones that set him apart. His presence in the industry is remarkable, especially within the Frankel Bell Group, where he’s been making significant strides.

His main focus centers around North Palm Beach County, where he has a knack for discovering top-notch properties. Clients rely on his sharp insight and unwavering dedication. Despite being in the shadow of celebrity, Liam’s accomplishments speak volumes on their own.

He’s a living example that success isn’t handed down but earned through sheer effort. With every deal he seals he adds another notch to his professional belt. His journey is a testament to grit and determination showcasing his pursuit of excellence. As he continues to shape his legacy he’s redefining what true success means.

Liam Costner Net Worth

Liam Costner’s monetary support says a lot about his achievements. By 2024 his assessed total assets soar to an amazing $800 million. While his endeavors in land play had a huge impact in his abundance he’s likewise profited from a significant legacy of more than $40 million from his dad Kevin Costner.

This remarkable net worth showcases Liam’s financial savvy and his ability to thrive in both personal and professional spheres. It’s a testament to his years of hard work, dedication, and smart financial planning.

Liam Costner Relationship

Recent reports indicate that Liam Costner is currently single and focusing on his career and personal growth. Despite coming from a well-known family, Liam is content with navigating life solo for now. This choice allows him the freedom to pursue his passions and aspirations without the responsibilities of a romantic relationship.

Liam Costner Children

As of now, Liam hasn’t taken the plunge into fatherhood which is quite intriguing given how often celebs share their family updates. But Liam’s doing things differently. He’s all about his career and personal growth right now, and he’s pretty tight-lipped about his private life, including any plans for kids.

It’s kind of refreshing you know? Instead of plastering his life all over social media Liam’s keeping things under wraps. So there’s no gossip or official announcements about him becoming a dad anytime soon.

But that just adds to the mystery surrounding him. Who knows what the future holds? Maybe one day Liam will open up about his family plans. Until then, everyone’s just curious and respectful of his privacy, waiting to see what unfolds.


Background: Liam Costner, born on November 15, 1996, in Los Angeles, California, is the son of legendary actor Kevin Costner and Bridget Rooney. Despite his Hollywood pedigree, Liam has chosen a career in real estate, distinguishing himself from his father’s fame.

Family Ties: Liam has a unique family dynamic, with Kevin Costner as his father and William Koch as his stepfather. Despite the age gap between his mother and stepfather, their enduring marriage showcases a strong familial bond.

Education: Liam’s educational background includes earning a university degree, although specifics about the institution and field of study remain undisclosed.

Career: Liam has found success as a real estate agent, notably within the Frankel Bell Group, focusing primarily on North Palm Beach County. Despite the shadow of his celebrity father, Liam has made significant strides in the industry, showcasing his determination and dedication.

Net Worth: As of 2024, Liam’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive $800 million, with a substantial legacy from Kevin Costner contributing to his financial success.

Personal Life: Liam is currently single, prioritizing his career and personal growth. Despite his celebrity background, he maintains a private life, keeping details about his relationships and family plans under wraps.


Liam Costner, son of Hollywood icon Kevin Costner, has carved his own path in the real estate industry, showcasing determination and dedication to his craft. Despite his family’s fame, Liam maintains a private life, focusing on his career and personal growth. With an estimated net worth of $800 million, Liam’s success highlights his financial savvy and professional achievements.


What is Liam Costner’s occupation?

Liam is a thriving real estate agent, notably within the Frankel Bell Group, focusing primarily on North Palm Beach County.

What is Liam Costner’s net worth?

As of 2024, Liam’s estimated net worth is $800 million, with a significant legacy from his father, Kevin Costner, contributing to his financial success.

Is Liam Costner married?

No, Liam is currently single and focusing on his career and personal growth. He maintains a private life, keeping details about his relationships under wraps.

Does Liam Costner have children?

As of now, Liam has not become a father. He keeps his private life out of the public eye, and there have been no official announcements or gossip regarding any plans for children.

What is Liam Costner’s educational background?

Liam has attained a university degree, although specific details about the institution and field of study remain undisclosed.

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